About Us

The Dealer Image Group is a national business our specialty is high volume vehicle cleaning. Our customers include many large franchise dealerships as well as government and company fleets. We currently clean over one million vehicles each year.

Established in the 80's, we have been providing specialist cleaning solutions to many industries for over 25 years. Our success comes from analyzing the needs of your business and identifying key areas where you can not only raise the standard of cleaning but reduce costs in the process. We will design and implement a strategy that will streamline these tasks and provide you with a cost effective, hassle free solution that you can set and forget.
Dealer Image takes care of everything;

  • We supply all equipment and chemicals
  • We are fully insured
  • We supply replacement staff to cover annual leave and sick days, (no further cost to you)
  • You will have no “on costs”
  • You will have less admin, less responsibility whilst maintaining full control
  • Join the many dealerships that now enjoy the benefits of using a professional vehicle cleaning firm and leave your car washing to us.
The Dealer Image Group has been awarded a 5 star rating in water saving, the highest available rating for vehicle cleaning.
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